How It Works

The Figurite Anti Cellulite System works in 3 phases:

  • Scientific Report
    Scientific Report Before you embark on any cellulite treatment it is important to know the facts about cellulite ad how it is formed.

    Cellulite is a distinctive layer of subcutaneous body fat (adiposis edematosa) which pushes against the connective tissues, limiting the blood flow to fat cells and depleting them of oxygen. This causes the connective tissues to harden and become less flexible, giving the surface of the skin a dimpled, lumpy orange peel appearance. Although a small number of men are affected by cellulite, a staggering 95% of cellulite cases occur in women aged 20 plus. This is because women have a much thinner epidermis than men, making it less resilient to structural change and defence against cellulite.

    Cellulite develops when the body loses its natural ability to break down fatty deposits, but the main cause of cellulite is poor micro-circulation, which makes it difficult for adequate nutrients to reach all areas of the body and skin and in turn, reduces the body’s ability to process toxins.
  • The Forming Of Cellulite
    The Forming Of Cellulite Cellulite can form in any area where fatty tissue accumulates, but most frequently appears on the bottom, stomach and thigh areas. However, having cellulite doesn’t mean that a woman is overweight – it can affect women of all shapes and sizes.

    Symptoms of cellulite can vary in severity. In mild cases skin dimpling and occasional pitting is visible when the skin is pinched. Moderate cases have diffuse skin dimpling with pits and bulges. In severe cases the skin has an uneven appearance, dimpling, severe bulges, skin thinning and diffused wrinkling.

    Factors that can influence the appearance of cellulite include genetics; poor diet / fad dieting; slow metabolism, lack of physical activity; hormonal changes, an unhealthy or high stress lifestyle; dehydration; colour and / or density of the skin.

    Although cellulite isn’t a serious medical condition its unsightly appearance can have a psychological impact, leading to feelings of low self worth, lack of confidence and in some cases, impeding on one’s life in such a way that it becomes the dominating factor when making lifestyle choices i.e. social activities such as swimming, going to the beach or even just wearing shorts.

    At Figurite, we recognise that cellulite isn’t just a cosmetic issue; we designing products that are not only effective but also transforms lives and help regain confidence.
  • Expert Report
    Developed over 20 years, the pioneering, advanced formula Figurite® Anti Cellulite 3 Phase System is a new scientifically proven benchmark in the arena of skin contouring that works on both early and persistent cellulite.

    Created for women with all grades of cellulite, Figurite® has been expertly designed with a focus on naturally cultivated ingredients to deliver essential nutrients vital for optimum skin health. These patented formulas are combined with cutting edge, scientifically proven innovations and technologies, to deliver real and visible results in just 4 weeks.