5 Reasons to Sleep Naked

1. It could make you feel closer to your partner

A 2014 study found that 57% of those who slept naked reported to be happier in their relationships. This may be because you feel more comfortable being naked around your partner or even because it encourages you to have more sex, either way both are a very big positive.

2. It’s better for your lady parts

If your lady parts are too warm it could encourage too much yeast and bacteria to grow in the vaginal area and increase thechances of developing thrush and other yeast infections. By sleeping naked you will allow more air flow through your nether region and prevent infections.

3. It may help you sleep better

Your core body temperature can affect how well you sleep. Studies have shown that being too hot can stop you from feeling sleepy and by sleeping naked and dropping your core temperature you are more likely todrift off faster. It also affects the quality of your sleep, if your body temperature is too high we can have a more restless sleep. On a hot Summer’s night for example, it is a lot harder to sleep and achieve a good quality of sleep as our bodies are too hot, so sleeping in the nude can help drop our core body temperature to help us drift off into a good sleep.

4. It could be good for your health

Skin on skin contact causes our adrenal glands to produce less of the stress hormone Cortisol which suppresses the immune response, meaning you have more chance of fighting off that cold if you are sleeping naked. Skin on skin contact also increases levels of oxytocin which has positive effects on blood pressure and healing as well as increasing your libido.

5. You’ll feel more confident

Sleeping naked feels great. The feeling of the sheets and coolness of the air can be very sexy and feeling sexy makes you feel confident.