Figurite banished my cellulite, reveals TV and radio presenter Lizzie Cundy

TV and radio presenter Lizzie Cundy has revealed her secret to banishing cellulite: the three-step Figurite Anti-Cellulite System. The former model is known for her stunning – and sometimes daringly revealing – red carpet

Now she has spoken for the first time about the one-month cellulite treatment regime which allows her to flaunt her looks with confidence. The Figurite System combines a cream, a daily nutritional supplement and corrective shorts impregnated with
fat busting ingredients, including caffeine and menthol.

Said Lizzie: “It’s not like other cellulite creams or treatments – you need to use three products working together over an intensive 28-day period to really attack those
stubborn cellulite areas on the bum, thighs and hips.

“It works best if you are exercising or working out when you do the treatment, that way the benefits of wearing the special shorts, which I call my magic knickers, really make the
difference when used with the other products.”

“I know people will say that they’ve heard all these claims before, but Figurite is really like magic. I discovered it by
word of mouth from a friend and now I am hooked.”

Lizzie added: “I wouldn’t go as far as to say the shorts are passion killers, but definitely do
the treatment before the honeymoon, weekend away or summer holiday! Seriously, they fit perfectly under
sportswear for a workout or even over normal underwear for daily use.”

Lizzie explained: “I am so chuffed with my results. I’ve always kept myself in great condition and there are plenty of photos out there
of me in bikinis and red carpet outfits, but Figurite has given me an added magic touch to keep my skin looking perfect. I’ve been recommending it to
friends like crazy!”