Figurite28 Review

If you don’t know, let me tell you, any woman of any age, weight or shape can be affected by cellulite and wouldn’t we all love to find something that really worked? Since trying the Figurite28 Cellulite Plan I have finally found something that does. The way the Figurite28 Cellulite Plan works is by combining healthy diet and exercise ideas to help banish cellulite for good so you can see a difference in 28 days. Figurite take into account the whole person rather than just the symptoms, treating the mental and social factors as well and is completely free of charge.

Figurite also have a range of cellulite busting products which have been scientifically proven to work at reducing the appearance of cellulite. First, there is the Figurite Anti-cellulite cream which is applied topically twice a day. Second is the corrective shorts, which you wear for 8 hours a day. Microencapsulated actives are infused into the shorts to help the body shed the fluid trapped under the skin and speeds up the fatty cell removal process (lipolysis). Last but by no means least is the CLA capsules, which are full of key ingredients such as choline and glucomannan, that have been shown to be beneficial in the reduction of body weight and balance lipid levels in the blood. This results in improved blood flow to the connective tissue, supplying it with micronutrients that activate the metabolism. Using these amazing products are a great addition to the Figurite28 cellulite plan to help reduce your cellulite.

The Figurite28 cellulite plan gives you a quick and easy 25 minute lower body workout, created by personal trainer Lisa-Jane. She shows you a short routine that you can practise in the comfort of your own home that targets the main areas where cellulite can appear. This lower body workout has been tailored to burn fat effectively and tone your muscles to reduce cellulite within the 28 day time frame. As well as the lower body workout, Suzan Atlay, the Figurite Hatha yoga teacher, has put together a video showing you a selection of poses that focus on the core, legs and bottom. The video is easy to follow, even if you haven’t tried yoga before, so don’t be afraid to give it a go.

The Figurite28 cellulite plan also gives you a comprehensive nutrition plan to help you fuel your body properly for ultimate cellulite reduction as well as great general wellbeing. You cannot expect your cellulite to disappear without making positive changes to your diet. The nutrition plan spans the whole 28 days with exciting and delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks which meet your Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) and are packed with foods that are scientifically proven to attack the production of cellulite.
The Figurite28 cellulite plan was easy to follow and I really enjoyed learning new exercises and recipes that my whole family loved. The best part is that I noticed a really difference in my whole wellbeing as well as my cellulite. I felt stronger, healthier and had bags of energy thanks to the nutrition plan. It’s really worth giving the Figurite28 cellulite plan a go, after all it’s completely free and gives you great results, what more could you want!