The Best Exercise for Your Legs and Bum


Squats are brilliant for improving the look of cellulite. Because a squat uses all your leg muscles it is attacking and toning all the areas where most women get cellulite it is one of the best leg and bum exercises. However, you need to make sure you’re doing them right. To get maximum muscle tone and fat burn you need to sit as if on a stool at around 90 degrees. Try bobbing up and down for a few counts in the seated position or holding it to intensify the exercise. If you get bored with regular squats you can mix it up with some lunges and some side squats which will work your inner thighs. Do 3 reps of 20 as a starter.

Leg raises

These are great for fat burning and are one of the best leg exercises you can do to combat your cellulite. Lie on your side with your head resting in your arm. Your leg closest to the floor should be bent slightly and your top leg out straight. Lift your leg off the floor but be careful not to raise it too high, lower it slowly back down but don’t let your foot touch the floor throughout the entire exercise. Try doing an up count of 3 and down for 1 then up for 1 and down for 3 followed by pulsing the leg raised in the air for 30 seconds. Switch sides and do the same. If you are doing this leg exercise right you should be feeling the burn!

Leg kicks

You can variate this leg workout exercise to make it easier or harder for yourself as your strength and fitness grows. To start with stand on one leg with your arm in fists close to your chest to help keep your balance. Kick one leg forward then out to the side as high as you can without throwing your hip out of line. Do 30 of these then switch to the other side. This really works the hip, upper thigh and bum areas where cellulite is most present. It’s a great back leg exercise and is perfect for bum toning.


If you’re new to exercise, have low fitness or are looking to get back into shape after having a baby then yoga is perfect for you. It is a gentle series of strengthening and flexibility poses. There are easy and hard variations to suit all fitness levels and it will really strengthen your legs as well as improve your flexibility. Yoga is especially good if you are recovering from an injury and are unable to partake in more vigorous exercise as it tones muscles and helps improve your balance. Many of the poses work the whole body but you will notice a vast improvement in muscle tone in your thighs and stomach after a few weeks which will help towards ridding that dreaded cellulite.

Bridge pose

This is one of the best exercises for your bum. For the bridge pose lie on your back with your feet close to your bum and your arms by your side. Lift the hips until they are in line with your knees but make sure your knees stay as close together as possible. Hold for 30 seconds and release. Do at least 10 reps of this. The bridge pose will work your glutes with the muscle tensing and releasing. It’s a great resting exercise between more vigorous leg exercises. It burns fat and will give your bum tone and shape as well as strengthening your back muscles.
Stretching after any of these exercises is really important. It will ease stiffness in the muscles which will help you go harder in your next exercise session, so make sure you do it after your workout.