• Personal Trainer - London
    Personal Trainer - London Profile: Lisa-Jane Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor with Wildcat Fitness based in West London, UK.

    The Trial: Lisa-Jane used all 3 products from the Figurite 1,2,3 System over a 28 day trial

    The Results:" I took progress photos every week - after day 7 there was very little change in appearance but my skin felt much smoother, day 14 the cellulite was a little reduced, but by day 21 the difference was so noticeable and my thighs felt a lot firmer. I have to be honest, I was actually amazed to see such results in such a short space of time. The trial tied in perfectly with a holiday I had already booked, and day 28 was my first day of a beach break in Dubai.... and I can honestly say the first time in a long time that I have felt bikini confident and not desperate reaching for a sarong to cover the tops of my legs every time I got up from my sun lounger. I have never seen such a reduction in cellulite from any other product I have used before, and certainly not within 4 weeks. I really was impressed - and would definitely recommend the products to anyone looking to reduce the appearance of their cellulite. "
  • "The Figurite Anti Cellulite System improved the look of my cellulite!"
    Before you embark on any cellulite treatment it is important to know the facts about cellulite ad how it is formed.

    Cellulite is a distinctive layer of subcutaneous body fat (adiposis edematosa) which pushes against the connective tissues, limiting the blood flow to fat cells and depleting them of oxygen. This causes the connective tissues to harden and become less flexible, giving the surface of the skin a dimpled, lumpy orange peel appearance. Although a small number of men are affected by cellulite, a staggering 95% of cellulite cases occur in women aged 20 plus. This is because women have a much thinner epidermis than men, making it less resilient to structural change and defence against cellulite.

    Cellulite develops when the body loses its natural ability to break down fatty deposits, but the main cause of cellulite is poor micro-circulation, which makes it difficult for adequate nutrients to reach all areas of the body and skin and in turn, reduces the body’s ability to process toxins.

    Cellulite can form in any area where fatty tissue accumulates, but most frequently appears on the bottom, stomach and thigh areas. However, having cellulite doesn’t mean that a woman is overweight – it can affect women of all shapes and sizes.

    Symptoms of cellulite can vary in severity. In mild cases skin dimpling and occasional pitting is visible when the skin is pinched. Moderate cases have diffuse skin dimpling with pits and bulges. In severe cases the skin has an uneven appearance, dimpling, severe bulges, skin thinning and diffused wrinkling.

    Factors that can influence the appearance of cellulite include genetics; poor diet / fad dieting; slow metabolism, lack of physical activity; hormonal changes, an unhealthy or high stress lifestyle; dehydration; colour and / or density of the skin.

    Although cellulite isn’t a serious medical condition its unsightly appearance can have a psychological impact, leading to feelings of low self worth, lack of confidence and in some cases, impeding on one’s life in such a way that it becomes the dominating factor when making lifestyle choices i.e. social activities such as swimming, going to the beach or even just wearing shorts.

    At Figurite, we recognise that cellulite isn’t just a cosmetic issue; we designing products that are not only effective but also transforms lives and help regain confidence.
  • Expert Report
    Developed over 20 years, the pioneering, advanced formula Figurite® Anti Cellulite 3 Phase System is a new scientifically proven benchmark in the arena of skin contouring that works on both early and persistent cellulite.

    Created for women with all grades of cellulite, Figurite® has been expertly designed with a focus on naturally cultivated ingredients to deliver essential nutrients vital for optimum skin health. These patented formulas are combined with cutting edge, scientifically proven innovations and technologies, to deliver real and visible results in just 4 weeks.

    The Ingredients

    Figurite® is dedicated to using the finest grade, efficacious and naturally active ingredients possible – without compromise. Figurite® exclusively farms and cultivates the herbs and plants globally, so that the quality is consistently monitored and controlled. Applying an advanced scientific rationale, these botanical actives are sourced for their notable skin nutrition benefits, working in synergy to deliver the best performance anti cellulite products on the market.

    Formulated to work in synergy with the body for optimum anti cellulite results, the advanced formula system acts in 3 phases to boost poor micro-circulation and decrease the appearance of cellulite for smooth and toned contours.
  • Key Ingredients
    Figurite Anti Cellulite Cream

    • Coenzyme-A breaks down fatty deposits and restores connective tissue
    • Bupleurm falcatum extract activates the lipolysis process to liquidate fat cells
    • Stimulating Caffeine and Menthol extracts reduce fat nodes beneath the dermis, to smooth the bumpy appearance of cellulite and improve overall tone
    • Quinoa extract contains essential vitamins to activate the metabolism of the connective tissue cells
    • Adipoless, working as an anti-adipogenes mechanic, blocks the process responsible for the formation of new fat
    • Lipocare stimulates lipid mobilisation, to accelerate the processing of accumulated fatty stores and fluids

    Figurite Anti Cellulite Micro-Encapsulated Corrective Shorts
    • Stimulating Caffeine and Menthol extracts reduce fat nodes beneath the dermis, to smooth the bumpy appearance of cellulite and improve overall tone
    • Retinol, a skin regenerator, repairs connective tissues and stimulates collagen to improve resistance and tone, giving the skin a youthful appearance
    • Gelidium Cartilagineum extract provokes the release of fatty acids and firms the skin’s tissues
    • Essential vitamins and Shea Butter, rich in precious constituents, protect, moisturise and improve the skin’s elasticity
    Figurite CLA Anti Cellulite Capsules

    An advanced and complex formulation, these capsules contain a powerfully synergistic blend of micronutrients to neutralise the metabolic acids deposited in the connective tissue, eliminating them naturally – the result: skin that looks and feels healthy, radiant and smooth. A non-interventional clinical study confirmed the appearance of cellulite was markedly reduced after 3 months of use.
    • Glucomannan, rich in soluble fibre, helps to maintain physiological lipid levels in the blood
    • Choline solubulises fats, maintaining the structural integrity of cells and contributing to normal lipid metabolism
  • Dermatest Trial Reports
    Dermatest Trial Reports All our products have gone through rigorous independent trials to ensure that we deliver the best product to our customers that are not only safe but also effective, delivering measurable results to our customers.

    We do not believe in animal testing, therefore all our tests are carried out on volunteers which were conducted by Dermatest, a renowned Research Institute for Reliable Results and carry their seal of excellence.

    Ayton Global, who conducted the consumer trials have a worldwide volunteer database and have conducted consumer trials for some of the big names in the beauty industry.

    These are their findings:
    Registered Office:
    48143 Munster
  • Principles & Methods
    The objective of the study was to detect primary skin irritation potential and/or existing allergic sensitisation to the test substance.

    The test substance is applied to the skin of the panellist via an occlusive patch at a suitable concentration.

    The patch limits contact of the panellist’s skin with the test substance to a local area and exposure is exaggerated due to the occlusive conditions. The skin is checked at 24, 48 and 72 hours.

    The occlusion eases the absorption of the suspected topical allergen allowing it to penetrate the stratum corneum to the viable (effector) cells of the skin and thus presenting a local challenge to the immune system.

    If the threshold level of sensitivity is reached, a positive reaction could potentially be induced.

    A positive reaction to a correctly applied patch provides evidence of primary irritation to the substance tested, but is not necessarily evidence of sensitisation.

    Patch testing provokes allergic skin reactions in already sensitised panellists.
  • Procedures
    Prospective panellists receive a complete explanation of study procedures. If they wish to participate and agree to the conditions of the study, panallists signa written, informed consent and provide a medical history.

    5mg/15ul of the undiluted test product is applied to an adhesive plaster (Curatest® f Folien- Testpflaster, Fa. Lohmann & Rauscher GmbH & Co. KG) and affixed to clinically healthy skin on the upper back. Textile products are affixed with a sample size of ),3 cm2 with the adhesive plaster on the upper back.

    Afte a 24 hourexposure period, the plaster is removed and the exposed skin is dermatologically assessed and graded. The second and third assessments are performed after 48 and 72 hours respectively.

    All assessments are conducted 30 minutes after removal of the test plaster.

    Where a positive reaction is observed, but it is unclear whether the observed reaction is due to sensitisation or irritation, subsequent readings can be performed.

    All assessments are performed under standard lighting conditions.

    The panellists are instructed to keep the test sites dry.
  • Panellists
    The test panel includes 30 adult male and female panellists. In this test panel there are always panellists with (very) dry, oily, normal and sensitive skin.
  • Inclusion Criteria
    • Standard design: Panellists aged 18 years and above with healthy skin in the test area
    • Extra designs: Special inclusion of age, gender, sin type etc. according to claim of the study
  • Exclusion Criteria
    • Acute diseases
    • Pregnancy and lactation period
    • Sensitisation to ingredients of the test plaster
    • Severe illnesses
    • Application of pharmaceutical products and skin care products with active ingredients until 4 weeks before testing
    • Intake of drugs that possibly can interfere with skin reactions (steroids, antiallergics, topical immune modulator, tec.)
    • Extremely tanned skin
  • Conclusion
    No evidence of any skin disorder was detected in the test area of any of the 30 panellists after conducting patch testing for 24h: 48h and 72 hours according to the internationally recognised guidelines of ICDRG (International Contact Dermatitis Research Group).

    It can be concluded that the use of the product will not cause any unwanted skin reactions due to an irritating effect.
  • Ayton Global Research
    Ayton Global Research Ayton Global Research

    Head Office 4 Cornhill

    Shepton Mallet


    BA4 5LT

    Efficacy testing for Figurite Anti Cellulite Cream & Figurite Micro-Encapsulated Corrective Shorts in Consumer Trial

    A 28 day trial was conducted with the participants completing a questionnaire at regular intervals describing their experiences and noting any changes to the appearance of their cellulite.

    This is the data that was gathered during and post study:

    Date : 15 August 2013 – 13 September 2013

    Test Panel : 35 Volunteers were selected from a panel of profiled Clicks Research users. Online methodology was used to recruit, execute, collect and collate raw data. Application Zone: Body

  • Instructions for Conducting Study
    Anti-cellulite cream: Apply twice daily a generous amount of the cream to the desired area.
    Massage well into the skin, using circular motions until the cream is fully absorbed.

    Anti Cellulite Corrective Shorts: In order to fully release the micro-encapsulated active ingredients and for achieving maximum benefit from the Anti Cellulite Corrective Shorts, it is necessary to wear the panty as underwear for 8 hours daily for 28 days. Efficiency tests have shown that the Anti Cellulite Corrective Shorts is guaranteed to work for at least 12 washes. Hand wash with lukewarm water, leave to dry. Do not tumble dry, iron, dry clean or use washing machine.

    Safety Precautions: N/A

    Anti Cellulite Cream: Avoid contact with Eyes, rinse with lukewarm water if accidental contact with your eyes.

    Anti Cellulite Corrective Shorts: N/A

    Volunteer Recruitment & Selection: Volunteers are recruited online through Search Engine Optimisation and referrals from one volunteer to another. Volunteers are selected via positive data match against the profile criteria held. Eligible volunteers are invited to take part in the study by email and voluntarily accept
  • Panel Criteria
    Study Instances/Criteria

    • Study Instance Code:
    • Territory: Cosmetics, UK, English
    • Number of Volunteers:

    Panel Code: PNL3368
    Activation Date: 01/08/2013 10:51:26

    Volunteers were selected if they matched all of the following criteria:

    • Volunteer: Gender is equal to Female
    • Volunteer: Age in years is greater than or equal to 25
    • Volunteer: Age in years is less or equal to 45

    All of the following:

    • Volunteer: County is contains London
    • Volunteer: Town/City is contains London
    • Volunteer: Address Line 2 is contains London
    • Volunteer: Address Line 3 is contains London
    • Brands (Adult-Female): Where have you frequently purchased items from in the past

    two years? is equal to Harrods

    • Medical (Adult-Female): Do you suffer with any allergies? is equal to No
    • Medical (Adult-Female): Do you have any of these skin conditions? is equal to I do not have any of the mentioned skin conditions
    • Body (Adult-Female): Please select which answer best describes your body's skin type. is not equal to Sensitive
  • Contents
    Contents Aim of Study/Study Objective
    Study Sites and Languages
    The individual data for all questions within the questionnaire is given below.
    Question 1: What are your problem areas?

    Total Respondents Answered: 26

    Tabulated Results
  • Question 2: What are your expectations of your anti cellulite treatment?
    Total Respondents Answered: 26

    Respondents Answers:

    • That it will improve the appearance of my cellulite
    • Not much. I've tried different brands and the only thing they do is to soften the skin
    • To decrease it
    • To get skin smoother
    • To visibly reduce the appearance and make skin smooth
    • To lessen the orange peel effect, and maybe lose some inches in affected areas
    • I hope it will make my cellulite less visible, more manageable. I hope it will make my skin tauter and smoother. I hope to be able to wear a bikini in public
    • Reduce cellulite visibly, make skin surface smoother
    • My expectations are it would at least make the cellulite less obvious or it would be great for it to actually disappear.
    • That it will improve the appearance of the area.
    • To get rid of cellulite
    • To smooth my skin and hopefully even out the horrible orange peel\lumpy skin appearance
    • The cellulite will get it smooth
    • Reduced cellulite
    • Visible reduction of the bumpy appearance of the skin
    • Smoother skin, less dimpling, more even tone
    • To reduce the cellulite and due to having to wear the shorts/pants I am expecting great results
    • They don't generally work
    • To remove it
    • To smooth the lumps and bumps and dimples.
    • I expect the cellulite cream to reduce the amount of cellulite, and make it less visible. however I don’t expect it to get rid of all the cellulite
    • Sceptical - but looking forward to seeing the results
    • To reduce the appearance of cellulite, and for problem areas to tone up a little!
    • Reduce cellulite and have a smoother skin
    • To reduce the appearance of cellulite and make the skin look smoother.
    • Less cellulite
  • Question 3: How do you perceive your cellulite?
    Question 3: How do you perceive your cellulite? Total Respondents Answered: 26