The Figurite Philosophy

  • Most women would like to discover an effective anti cellulite product that actually works, however with so many different products on the market today, finding an effective anti cellulite treatment can be challenging. Many women have tried a variety of anti cellulite products that don’t live up to their promise; leaving a trail of disappointed women who become sceptical and reluctant to try new treatments. We believe we have found the solution to combating cellulite and feel confident that our ground breaking anti cellulite system is undoubtedly more effective than those of our competitors.

    At Figurite® we understand the importance of having smoother, firmer and more defined skin – thus improving self-esteem and the empowerment to bare your body with confidence. This is why our dedicated team of 30 highly experienced specialists in the skincare field has created the Figurite System. Scientifically formulated, the system targets the causes of cellulite, minimises fat storage, maximises fat breakdown and kick-starts the lipolysis process.

    The result: a dramatic reduction in the appearance of cellulite and skin that is contoured, smooth, lifted, firm, youthful and beautiful.

    The Figurite Anti Cellulite system has been specifically formulated to target the major contributing factors of cellulite by boosting localised metabolism and dehydrating fat cells whilst providing essential nutrients that are vital for optimal skin health. They also help the body to increase strength and flexibility of the connective tissue in the skin.

    The system is designed to be easily and effectively absorbed into the skin. The concentrated formula of the cream penetrates the deeper layers of tissue beneath the skin’s surface and helps the body to regain its natural ability to break down fat.