Anti Cellulite Cream

Figurite Anti Cellulite Cream is based on a synergistic combination of carefully selected natural ingredients that begin by working beneath the lumpy topography of the skin on your hips, thighs and buttocks. Where To Buy?

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About Anti Cellulite Cream

Figurite, the best cellulite cream that is proven to reduce cellulite on thighs in less than 1 month!

Based on a synergistic combination of natural ingredients, Figurite is the only natural cellulite removal treatment that achieves significant results and helps you lose cellulite fast. The skin firming cellulite cream works by targeting the fatty tissue beneath the skin, activating the lipolysis process to help remove cellulite naturally.

The non greasy, silky smooth texture is quickly absorbed, leaving skin feeling firm and toned with a youthful appearance. In just a few weeks, targeted areas become noticeably firmer and visibly smoother. The skin's elasticity is vastly improved as the unsightly “orange peel” appearance begins to disappear.

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How does Figurite Anti Cellulite Cream work?
The two key ingredients in Figurite Anti Cellulite Cream are caffeine and menthol which help the body flush out excess fluids trapped beneath the skin and speed up the fluid removal process.

Coenzyme-A and Bupleurum Falcatum extract activate a body process called lipolysis which breaks down fatty tissues. Quinoa extract prevents the development of new fat cells by performing a blocking action, preventing them from being absorbed by new tissue. The lipolysis process literally liquidates fat cells.


The No. 1 Anti Cellulite Cream

• The revolutionary solution to combat the appearance of cellulite
• Consumer trials show proven results in just 4 weeks
• 95% of participants agreed skin felt firmer, smoother and tighter
• Coenzyme-A and Bupleurum Falcatum extract activate the lipolysis process
• Significantly and noticeably reduces the appearance of cellulite
• Breaks down fatty tissue beneath the deeper layers of skin
• Contains stimulating Caffeine and Menthol extracts to reduce fat accumulation
• Reveals youthful skin that feels firmer, smoother, tighter and softer
• Lightweight formula for fast and easy absorption
• Visibly results seen on all grades of cellulite
• The effortless, hassle free way to rid yourself of cellulite
• Suitable for all skin types


Can I use the cream while pregnant?

The simple answer to this question is no. Unfortunately some of the ingredients that are used in our anti cellulite cream can be absorbed into the bloodstream and could be harmful to your unborn child.

Has this product been tested on animals?

No. We NEVER test our products on animals.

Is this product safe for my skin?

Absolutely. The Figurite range is made from natural ingredients. They have undergone rigorous tests to ensure they are completely safe for use and won’t cause any adverse reactions. If you have a skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema, you should consult your doctor before use.

Does Figurite Anti Cellulite Cream really work?

Yes. Independent anti cellulite studies have proven that the Figurite Anti Cellulite system improves skin tone and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Figurite Anti Cellulite Cream contains antioxidants and a combination of specialised active ingredients which loosen the tissue surrounding the fat cells near the surface of the skin. This encourages the cells to lie flat, preventing them from grouping together causing the infamous dimpled appearance.

Can I use the Figurite Anti Cellulite Cream all over my body?

Yes. It’s not only great for reducing the appearance of cellulite, but it also contains active ingredients that can help with other skin conditions and is a wonderful moisturiser that will help firm and tone the skin.

How many applications are in each bottle?

If you use the cream twice a day on the desired areas alone, it should last for at least 28 days.

Can my skin be exposed to sunlight while I’m using the cream?

Yes. Although the cream will not react to direct sunlight, it is always advisable that you use a sunscreen to protect you sun from UV rays.

How often should Figurite Anti Cellulite Cream be applied?

The cream should be applied twice a day, both in the morning and night for at least 28 days. For the best results, use together with Figurite Anti Cellulite Microencapsulated Corrective Panties and Anti Cellulite supplements.

Can I buy the Figurite System online?

Yes we are happy to announce that all three products are available through Natural Care Inc. Please visit our Where To Buy page for more information and to find your nearest stockist on our stockist page: Where To Buy?

Where is Figurite manufactured?

Figurite is manufactured in the UK at GMP registered premises that follow strict manufacturing guidelines.

Where can I buy the Figurite System?

Please go to our Where To Buy? page to find your nearest stockist.

Has Figurite been independently tested?


What long term results can I expect?

When used as directed, you will see a dramatic reduction in the appearance of your cellulite, with continued use the skin becomes firmer and lifted with a noticeably youthful appearance.

How do I achieve the maximum results?

To achieve the maximum results you need to use the complete Figurite Anti Cellulite system, which includes the cream, panties and supplements. Please see our why figurite page. You can also try applying the cream directly to the skin straight after a bath or shower. The warmth of your skin will make the absorption process more effective. You will need to stick to the system for the minimum of 28 days. You will be astounded by the results.

How long does it take to see results?

You should begin to see results in as little as 2 weeks

Does Figurite contain human stem cells?

No. The figurite range has been formulated using only the finest natural herbal ingredients. Using human stem cells goes against everything we believe in.

Will I need to continue using the Figurite System?

For the best results, you will need to use the system for at least 28 days. At the end of the 28 day period you will notice a significant change in the appearance of your cellulite. You can chose to stop using it there and then or continue using the system until you have achieved the desired results. The choice is entirely yours.

What are the T’s & C’s of the money back offer?

We are so confident in our complete anti cellulite system that, we are happy to offer a full refund to unsatisfied customers based on these T's & C's:

Figurite Money Back Guarantee Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials. Claim instructions are deemed to form part of the terms and conditions and by participating all claimants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by the terms and conditions. Please retain a copy for your information.

1 Promoter: Amalgamated Euro Products UK Limited (AEPC UK), Unit 32, Townmead Business Centre, William Morris Way, London, SW6 2SZ
2 This Figurite Money Back Guarantee is open to residents of UK aged 18+, except employees of AEPC UK (the “Promoter”), their immediate families, agents or anyone professionally connected with the Promotion.
3 The Money Back Guarantee can be claimed when the complete Figurite Anti-cellulite System is purchased. For the avoidance of doubt, this means a Figurite Anti-cellulite Cream, a Figurite CLA Anti-cellulite Supplements, and a Figurite Micro-encapsulated Shorts must be purchased together in one transaction and at the same time between 01.02.2015 and 31.12.2016 and used as directed for 28 days. IMPORTANT: The Claimant must retain their original correctly dated receipt and all product packaging at purchase, before sending to the Promoter at the above address with a statement, till receipt and photographic evidence – specifically at least two dated before photographs and two dated after photographs of the area treated with the products, so fair comparison can be made in order to fulfil claim.
4 If the Consumer has not seen any changes in their cellulite (area of concern) with the product after 28 days of using the product, they can claim a refund to the value of the product as stated on the original receipt.
5 All claims must be sent to the above address no later than 7 (Seven) days after completing the 28-day product course. For the avoidance of doubt, this means no later than 35 (Thirty Five) days after the date on the original till receipt.
6 Money Back Guarantee claims cannot be made via any retailer or in store.
7 Money Back Guarantee is limited to one claim per household, consisting of a maximum of one transactional receipt. The Promoter will not accept repeat claims from same households, bulk claims or claims submitted on behalf of other people.
8 No photocopies will be accepted. No claims from agents, third parties, organised groups or applications automatically generated by a computer will be accepted. Incomplete or illegible claims or those not in accordance with the application instructions will not be accepted. One claim per properly stamped envelope.
9 The closing date for receipt of claim for Money Back Guarantee is 31.12.2016 and the Promoter will not provide a refund for any claims which are received after that date.
10 Responsibility is not accepted for claims lost, damaged, mislaid or delayed in the post. Proof of posting is not proof of receipt. Claims (including receipts) will become the property of the Promoter and will not be returned.
11 For claims submitted in accordance with these terms and conditions, we will provide a refund to the value of the Complete Figurite Ant-cellulite System Products purchased as stated on the original receipt. The cheque will be sent within 14 days of receipt of the Claimant’s claim. Cheques will be made out to the person detailed in the claim only and are non-transferable.
12 The Claimant is responsible for ensuring that they cash their cheque before its expiry date. The Promoter will not re-issue cheques (including but not limited to) in the event that the Claimant fails to cash their cheque before it expires or for spelling errors.
13 By claiming on the Money Back Guarantee, all Claimants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by the rules and consent to the transfer of their personal data to the Promoter for the purposes of the administration of this Guarantee. All entry instructions form part of the rules.
14 The interpretation and application of these terms and conditions shall be governed by English law and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
15 Consumers’ statutory rights remain unaffected.
16 The Promoter’s decision is final with regard to all promotional matters and no correspondence will be entered into.
17 Data Protection and Privacy Policy: AEPC UK takes the privacy of its Users seriously. It is committed to safeguarding the privacy of its Users. Please refer to the Company’s Privacy Policy at:
18 In the event of circumstances outside the reasonable control of the promoter, or otherwise where fraud, abuse, and/or an error (human or computer) affects or could affect the proper operation of this promotion, and only where circumstances make this unavoidable, the Promoter reserves the right to cancel or amend the promotion or these terms and conditions, at any stage, but will always endeavour to minimise the effect to participants in order to avoid undue disappointment.

The Promoter reserves the right to verify all applications and to refuse to award claims where there are reasonable grounds to believe there has been a breach of these terms and conditions or any instructions forming part of this promotion’s requirements.